Monday, 7 November 2011

This is why people wont cycle!

Riding into work today I approached a red light. At the red light there is an ASL, with a "keep clear" immediately before it. No motor vehicle should be entering either of these zones whilst that light is on red, and one might even be fined for it if they did get caught (not that the authorities give a shit).

The first problem came from the motorcyclist who cut me up as I entered the "keep clear" to access the ASL. It turned out he was a learner so I let it pass. Everyone has to start somewhere and I had safely managed to avoid him. I sat in the ASL and waited for green.

Green came and the motorcyclist thundered past, sadly the imbecile behind him thought he too could squeeze through like a donkey's dick in a midget.

The thing is I had already taken primary due to the narrowness of the road (parked cars to my left, waiting traffic on my right heading the other way). Imbecile behind, with a drosophilia-dick for a brain decided to play Mr Toad and bang his horn.

"Where do you think I'm going to go? Levitate?!!" I said, already doing about 20mph due to the downhill stretch. "Wait until it is safe!!!"

He remained right up my arse for further 20 feet until an opening arrived. I was not pleased at this anal examination and as he passed he drew parallel, shouting incomprehensible oddities due to the windows being up, and waving his fist at me. He then pointed at the pavement, they always point at the pavement, perhaps this is why some cities have a problem with pavement cycling thanks to the saintly advice admonished by morons like this?

And yes, I'm not proud, but I did ask him to pull over and chat face-to-face. Strange how brave he became by driving off at speed and launching his car over a speed bump like an 8 year old on a BMX.



  1. I'd be kinda tempted to install a megaphone to yell things back with.

  2. LOL Alex! I'm more than loud enough. :-D

  3. I also forgot my avatar on here includes a megaphone.... :-D

  4. The idiots in metal cages often do bottle out when confronted by an irate cyclist.

  5. Hi Amoeba!

    I don't think I'm particularly mean looking, but I've never responded well to bullies who like to try and throw some weight around (even if its not theirs).

    I'm glad this driver doesn't represent the 95% of drivers I do encounter.