Sunday, 19 May 2013

When a driver is just too dumb to be safe around others...

Earlier today a young lady used twitter to complain about bike riders.

The problem for her, apart from her own stupidity in using a public forum to convey an admission is that these things are monitored. Not intentionally, but they get flagged up when riders use the search bar to search for common terms such as "cyclists". Many of us are actively looking for tweets on there, if we see a rider has a question we may answer it, or retweet in the hope someone else can. It also allows us to find inspirational stories and informative videos, or updates on sport.

It is rather sad that today when I searched twitter most of the responses at the time were abuse directed towards us. People think they can get away with it, and in most cases they can. However shortly after the above message she received a reply that will probably be heartening and reassuring to many a cyclist:

Kudos to Norwich Police. I hope she takes on board their advice. However clicking her username brings up a message that her account has been closed and deleted. Interestingly others have been creating screen grabs in anticipation:

Several others tweeted around a picture she allegedly took at the wheel when she should have been concentrating on driving.

Now, motorists have the same tools cyclists have: they don't need to rely on pointing and shooting with the iPhone. Just use a camera fixed to the dash! Its far safer.

Safer to leave it on the video (and can be used for insurance purposes just as many cyclists do), or if you just want the odd photo reach over and press the shutter button.

I hope for everyone's sake that this young lady was just letting off steam and that no-one has really been hurt. However I'm left with the growing feeling that I'm not so sure. Everything you say on the internet is public - you have to actively chose security settings and even then if someone is in on those security settings (eg Facebook friends) they can also screen grab.

Hopefully here is one young lady that will learn that there are consequences to her actions even if those are simply being abusive on the internet. If driving was tested to an intellectual basis then I rather feel she would have failed - she might even end up on a bike and learn from another's perspective.


  1. What a delightful lady, and so nice of Norwich Police to remind her of Section 170 - an offence not to report a crash/provide details.

    I wonder if she used her own photo too?

    Instrument binnacle should give a clue as to the car type, is there a prize for spotting her?

  2. And of course there is no road tax in UK. Cyclists pay for more road than they get to use through general taxation, and so subsidize motorists.

  3. I hate the cyclists don't pay road tax argument, if I drove a fiat 500 I wouldn't pay road tax either.

  4. ..Or rode a horse, drove a Police car or many classes of motorcycle.. so much these days is VED exempt.

  5. Update here on

    Yet again highlights why everyone needs to sign this petition: